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Standing and Delivering - The Book

The Book - Standing and Delivering

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Henry Gradillas, a well known Educator, along with his coauthor Jerry Jessnes have written a book that will have you thinking, “Why has this eye opening and easy to follow information been kept a secret so long?” Dr. Gradillas'  proven methods can bring faculty and students back into the class room with renewed enthusiasm and direction. It is a must have for all people involved in education. 

"Academic achievement is one of the most important responsibilities that educators have towards the nation’s student population. The mastering of important concepts in the various subject fields is of the utmost importance if young people are to be trained well enough to enter the field of work, at pay many times higher than minimum wage, or enter the arena of post secondary education. Preparation for the future is of the greatest importance and every student, no matter what his ethnic affiliation, socio-economic standing, gender, race or religion must be given the tools and the knowledge to survive in this most competitive economy. Equity objectives, that will insure their success after graduation, must be a mandate from all school administrators.

Many students are not being challenged by their school work and academic rigor is not present to the degree that mastery of critical subject matter content is achieved. Students are not challenged to their highest level and educators are therefore forced to accept sub-standard work and award it with high grades afraid to put in tough rules that would curb the class cutting, excessive absence, homework problems, and an “I could care less” attitude. Many educators do not have high student expectations and settle for mediocre performances" Henry Gradillas

When coauthor Jerry Jesness interviewed Jamie Escalante about the secret of his success the first four words Escalante spoke were, "Our principal, Henry Gradillas".  In this book, Dr. Gradillas shares both his upbeat philosophy education and the practical school management techniques that helped translate that philosophy into success for thousands of students over three decades. The book focuses on three areas that are key to the operation of an effective school: School Climate, instruction, and curriculum. It includes many references to the Garfield experience, as well as to other schools where Dr. Gradillas was at the helm.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Jaime Escalante
  • Preface
  • Chapter I - Who is Responsible for Making Schools Effective?
  • Chapter I - The Power of High Expectations
  • Chapter III - Fostering Effective Schools
  • Chapter IV - Establishing a Positive School Climate
  • Chapter V - Deliver of Instruction
  • Chapter VI - The Power of the Curriculum
  • Chapter VII - Special Instructional Programs
  • Chapter VIII - PE, Sports, and Other Activities
  • Chapter IX - Understanding and Controlling Gang Activity
  • Chapter X - Selecting, Supervising, and Supporting the Teaching Staff
  • Chapter XI - Winning Over the Kids
  • Chapter XII - Involving the Parents
  • Chapter XIII - Other Support Groups
  • Chapter XIV - Dealing With the Powers that Be
  • Chapter XV - The Garfield Model, Then and Now
  • Afterword

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