Press Biography

Henry Gradillas

Henry Gradillas, along with his co-author Jerry Jesness, has written a book that will challenge many common assumptions about public education. Henry served as the Principal of Garfield High School during the period depicted in the film "Stand and Deliver" about Jamie Escalante's success' and challenges. Henry is a well known Educator and Motivational Speaker.

In this book, Dr. Gradillas shares both his upbeat philosophy of education and the practical school management techniques that helped translate that philosophy into success for thousands of students over three decades. The books focuses on three areas that are key to the operation of an effective school: School Climate, instruction, and curriculum. It includes many references to the Garfield High School experience, as well as to other schools where Dr. Gradillas was principal.

Copies can be ordered from any bookstore or from the publisher Rowman & Littlefield  

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