Awards & Nominations

Here are a few of Dr.  Henry Gradillas' many Awards and Nominations:

  • Commendation (National Commission on Drug Free Schools, September 30, 1990) - National Commission on Drug Free Schools, Officially Commends Henry C. Gradillas in recognition of outstanding contributions to the mission and goals of achieving Drug Free Schools Secretary of Education Lauro F. Cavazos and Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy William J. Bennett, Washington D.C. September 30, 1990
  • Certificate of Achievement (Lillian Street School, Los Angeles, California, September 1990) - This Certifies That Dr. Henry Gradillas has attained special recognition for excellence in Inspiring Educators That Every Child is an Able Learner, and is hereby awarded this certificate by Lillian Street School, Los Angeles, California September 1990
  • Options Orchid Award (Senior High School Options, June 1984) - Awarded to Henry C. Gradillas for Outstanding Service to Senior High Schools Options
  • Commendation (District Attorney Los Angeles County October 28, 2005) - To Dr. Henry Gradillas For Your Professional Accomplishments and Longtime Support of the Garfield Alumni Foundation
  • Presentation (Birmingham High School, June 1994) -  To Dr. Henry C. Gradillas, With Sincere Appreciation and Gratitude For Your Dedicated Service And Dynamic Leadership at Birmingham High School
  • Presentation (Birmingham High School Student Body, June 1994) -  To Dr. Henry Gradillas, Principal, Birmingham High School, With Many Thanks and Deep Appreciation For The Hard Work And Untiring Devotion That You Have Given To The Birmingham High School Student Body, Faculty and Staff
  • Department of Defense Presentation (Department of Defense, Pentagon, Washington D.C. September 1985) Presented to Henry Gradillas in Appreciation For His Participation As Keynote Speaker, Hispanic Heritage Week, Pentagon, Washington D.C.
  • Alumni Citation for Excellence (The California Aggie Alumni Association of the University of California, Davis October 19, 1990) We are  pleased to present Henry Gradillas with the Alumni Citation for Excellence.
  • Certificate of Recognition (San Diego County and Imperial County Offices of Education-Administrator Training Center March 14, 1990)  To Henry Gradillas In recognition of his unique and significant contributions to the school children of California and to administrators who work with them.
  • Certificate of Membership ( Los Angeles Association of Secondary School Administrators 1994),This Is To Certify That Henry C. Gradillas is a qualified member of the Los Angeles Association of Secondary School Administrators and is entitled to all rights and privileges of the association.
  • Presentation (Second Annual Minority Engineering Program, Awards Banquet thursday April 4,1991) Presents an Award to: Dr. Henry Gradillas for Outstanding Contributions Thursday, University Club
  • Commendation/Certificate of Appreciation (County of Los Angeles, L. A. County Board of Supervisors,  May 21,1992) -  Commends Henry C. Gradillas at our Fifth Annual East Los Angeles Scholarship Foundation —In recognition of dedicated service to the affairs of the community and for the civic pride demonstrated by numerous contributions for the benefit of all the citizens of Los Angeles County
  • Certificate of Appreciation ( Eastwood High School, El Paso, Texas March 19, 1993) - We hereby express our appreciation to Dr. Henry Gradillas for your presentation during the Eastwood High School Community Meeting and Student Seminar. Your dedication and genuine concern for the well being of students from all walks of life is to be commended.
  • Commendation   (District Attorney Of Los Angeles - November 4, 2011) Commendation for Your Professional Accomplishments and Longtime Support of the Garfield Alumni Foundation
  • Certificate of Appreciation /Hand made quilt by the people of the Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians - (June 2013) Given to Dr. G. by the graduating Senior students in appreciation for his diligent assistance and caring manner during thier high school years. He was the Honored Speaker at the Bad River  Ceremony for graduating Seniors.